naturopathic community Clinic on the Gold Coast, queensland

Giving Back To The Community

A community initiative for people in possession of a current concession card, Harvesting Health Naturopathy holds a community clinic, once a month, on a Friday.


Throughout my Degree, I had a passion about 'giving back to the Community'.   Unfortunately, many people are unable to access the world of natural medicine due to financial constraints.  Hence, the idea of a Community Clinic! I believe wholeheartedly that, in its essence, naturopathy and natural medicine is about improving the wellbeing of the community.  

Unfortunately, many people are unable to access the benefits of natural medicine, due to financial constraints. Enter our community clinic, providing affordable care to those who could otherwise not afford it.

If you are in possession of a *current* concession card (a pensioner, veteran, disabilities or health care card), you qualify to visit the community clinic.  This card MUST be presented at the time of booking, or at the consultation, to be eligible for a reduced consultation rate. This clinic is only for those who are disadvantaged financially.



Please note: Any prescribed pathology testing, herbal and nutritional medicines are not included in the consult fee.

To book, please visit the Appointments calendar. A booking fee will be taken to secure your appointment.  

If you do not present a current concession card at your appointment, you will be charged full price ($120.00).