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Herbal Medicine Dispensary

We have a fully equipped natural medicine dispensary on site, supplying all your herbal & supplement needs.

The splendour of herbal medicine lies in its marvellous ability to nourish, tone, regulate, and stimulate the body’s innate healing capacity, without suppressing or over-riding any particular system or organ.  Our bodies want to heal and be well:  they are constantly healing and renewing themselves, or parts of themselves, in order to preserve wellness. 

Herbs are ‘medicines’ provided by Mother Nature and work on several different levels to support our miraculous bodily processes - physically, mentally and spiritually. There is no disconnect between any of these levels and “wellness” is achieved via optimal health of the physical body and the psyche.

Herbal medicine is one of many natural therapies implemented to improve one's health. Throughout the ages, herbal medicine has been used by various cultures to facilitate healing and wellbeing. Today, herbal medicine is just one of many 'complementary or alternative' therapies used by naturopaths to assist the body in its healing capacity. 

Synergy is a vital concept in herbal medicine.  This is when there is a cooperative effect between both herbal components and herbal combinations, thus assisting in achieving specific outcomes.  Often particular herbal combinations have a superior therapeutic effect than that of an individual herb.  For this reason, herbal medicine formulas should be prescribed by qualified herbalists, for each individual client, based on their particular needs, condition, and constitution. 

It is the holistic and synergistic nature of herbal medicine which makes it unique, effective and beneficial for a wide range of conditions.  It is particularly useful in chronic, complex conditions and where the cause of the symptoms or imbalances are not known or where conventional forms of medicine have no answer or lack a treatment protocol.

It is necessary to mention that herbal medicines are ‘drugs’ and there are safety considerations to be aware of.  They can interact with each other, with pharmaceutical drugs and affect nutrient absorption within the body.  Additionally, not all herbal medicines are appropriate for each and every person; many factors taken into consideration when prescribing them.  

These are some of the reasons it is so important that herbal medicines be prescribed by qualified herbalists on an individual basis, thus preparing a ‘herbal medicine’ unique to your particular symptom picture.  Working with an appropriately qualified naturopath or herbalist will greatly assist you to reap the benefits of this type of medicine and see optimal outcomes and lasting results.


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