Holistic Nutrition

Are You Confused With All the Food Fads Out There?

Fad: an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object's qualities; a craze: 

Health is in decline and diseases caused by diet, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome, are on the rise. Holistic nutrition embraces a healthy diet that includes nourishing food choices for better quality of life.

By consciously choosing to eat nutrient-dense foods, which promote vibrant physical and mental health, you can support your body in maintaining a strong immune system and prevent chronic disease. Healthy food and nutrient supplementation (nutraceuticals) can also be used as medicine, to control or reverse most health issues. In a nutshell, holistic nutrition is the use of everyday nutrition and eating habits to improve one’s health.

Conventional medicine may sometimes miss the fact that sub-optimal nutrition can be one of the major contributors to a wide range of health conditions.  Many of us are aware that healthy food has benefits for our health and well-being, however the volume and range of conflicting information in the media is often overwhelming and confusing. 

Our bodies have remarkable potential to heal - holistic nutrition supplies the body with nutrients and energy to sustain optimal health

It can be difficult to remove certain types of food from our diet, even when we know they are aggravating our health condition and increasing uncomfortable symptoms. If we are provided with practical tools for change, we can remove even our most favourite offending foods without suffering from cravings. (I had to do this myself, I was sceptical, but it was easier than I had thought!)

My favourite aspect of holistic nutrition is the use of an individual approach. No one is put into a box, regardless of their condition. Treatment plans are developed considering your unique needs and preferences, not the disease you have been diagnosed with. Each person must be treated differently and uniquely because we are all unique individuals. I may have similar symptoms as another person, but how I developed these symptoms and how I will heal is unique to me. We literally are what we eat, digest, and assimilate.

My focus is on creating and maintaining a strong and healthy digestive system, as this is the furnace that determines all systemic health. Digestive issues (bloating, gas, pain, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, etc.) alongside poor food choices and eating habits can result in eczema, seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, weight gain, immune issues, and countless other issues.

Regardless of technical advances in society, our digestive systems haven’t adapted at the same rate. We've acquired blenders, refrigerators, and microwaves without really thinking about the consequences. Our stomach doesn't know how to effectively digest "blended" food that is swallowed without being chewed, and our bodies have an uphill battle to keep us healthy when we're eating a processed food diet...even the "healthy" processed food products like protein bars and "probiotic" yogurt are foreign to our body.


Our bodies ‘cry out’ for real nutrients in the form of ‘cravings’. If we eat more real food, enriched with the nutrients our bodies need, we actually eat less!

The billion-dollar industry of marketing food products has made it extremely challenging to know what is healthy and what isn't.  The recommendation of a low-fat & low-salt diet does not isolate the real culprits in our diet: refined sugar and the processing of food. I'm constantly urging my clients to include healthy fats and sea salt in their diets to help their body find balance and function efficiently to provide optimal health & wellness. 


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Metabolic Balance Program


All The Hard Work Is Already Done For YOU!

Have you literally tried everything to lose weight only to put it back on again once you eat normally?  This plan is different - this is an evidence-based, fully researched and scientifically developed nutritional program that gets amazing results!!



40 page Metabolic Balance Recipe Book

2 weeks supplements

Complimentary Iridology Assessment

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Are you overweight or obese?

Do you struggle to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

Are you gradually developing or suffering from metabolic related diseases?

Are you confused about what you should be eating?

Would you love to understand the exact foods that would be ideal for you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Metabolic Balance may be the perfect solution for you.  Book a 15 minute Discovery Session onsite or via phone to see if this program can HELP YOU to regain your metabolic health!

Award Winning Program

Metabolic Balance is a program unlike any other you have tried.  Using your own blood chemistry, this program develops a personalised nutrtition plan - unique to you!  Combine this with our one on one qulaified Practitioner support and you will find this to be the simplest, yet most effective program you've ever tried!!

Metabolic Balance is more than just weight loss, this program reduces inflammation and helps relieve debilitating symptoms from various other health conditions.  An award winning program developed by doctors & nutritionists.  Metabolic Balance is the original and all natural nutritional program originating from Germany.

Lose Weight & Keep It OFF! Science-Based with Proven Research

Research including a scientific trial of almost 500 participants  showed not only a significant reduction in weight and improved metabolic parameters initially, but maintenance of these improved health parameters for more than two years. It was also established that this was attributed to participant's adherence of program rules, and that Metabolic Balance was easily adhered to as the program is unique to the individual and therefore improved compliance. Over 62% of participants enjoyed continued good health compared to the average of 27% measured in the well known Weight Watchers program.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

An individualised Nutritional Program is developed with the results of various blood values alongside your unique case history, food preferences and lifestyle.  This ensures the plan is unique to your specific blood biochemistry and easy to adhere to.  It is also able to cater to different ethnic backgrounds and can be fine tuned to conform to Kosher, Muslim or Ovo-lacto vegetarian.

At Metabolic Balance, we believe that given the correct healthy nutrients, each person is able to produce their ideal balance of hormones and enzymes to achieve a healthy and balanced metabolism. A balanced diet of natural foods, individually selected to match your body chemistry, together with professional support ensures a return to good health and optimal wellbeing.

One To One Support

Your registered Metabolic Practitioner is available to offer one to one support, hints and tips to assist you with your weight loss and /or return to health. As your coach is a Naturopathic practitioner, specific nutraceuticals can be implemented to support your health goals.

Coaching and support is available throughout the FOUR PHASES of the program.

Simply Individual

No two people are exactly the same. You are unique, so your diet needs to be too!

Please call or email to book your DISCOVERY SESSION today.  If you believe the Metabolic Balance Program is for YOU already, please pay the necessary booking fee when choosing your appointment time and date to secure your spot.  The remainder of the fee will be processed at the time of your initial consultation.