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Initial naturopathic consultations

Follow-up naturopathic consultations

Initial naturopathic consultations


An Initial Consultation takes between 60-90 minutes & explores your current health concern, your medical history, genetics, diet, lifestyle & all relevant body systems.

Naturopathy is about YOU as an individual, with treatment plans unique to YOU


Second Consultation

Follow-up naturopathic consultations

Initial naturopathic consultations


A second  appointment spent working with you to improve compliance and positive health outcomes. Revisit treatment plan suitability.  We work together to identify any potential shortfalls & develop a sustainable plan to support your journey back to health

Usually two weeks following initial treatment plan


Follow-up naturopathic consultations

Follow-up naturopathic consultations

Follow-up naturopathic consultations


Follow Up Consultations take approximately 40 minutes & involve an appraisal & review of treatment options, exploring any new health concerns & assessing treatment progression.

Usually provided after a month of continuous treatment, unless otherwise indicated


Hair 500 Biocompatibility Program

Hair 500 Biocompatibility Program

Follow-up naturopathic consultations


  A sample of hair is taken and sent to a specialised centre where 500 different food and household items are identified as either compatible or incompatible with your body. Certain foods and/or chemicals may create inflammation in different parts of the body and may present as uncomfortable 'symptoms' . This service, combined with a nutritional consultation is part of our Wellness Package to assist with improving your health.

Suitable for people of all ages

Metabolic Balance Program

Hair 500 Biocompatibility Program

Acute anxiety consultation


Metabolic Balance is an all-natural, evidence-based nutrition program, with a 62% success rate compared with Weight Watchers, at a meagre 27%.  

Metabolic Balance is delivered and paid for as a package, consisting of pathology testing, an individualised nutritional plan and 7 naturopathic consults.

Introductory Offer

Free when you book online:


  • 40 page MB Recipe book
  • 2 weeks supplements
  • closed fb support group

Acute anxiety consultation

Hair 500 Biocompatibility Program

Acute anxiety consultation


An express consultation to deliver express relief.

We'll identify possible interactions with other medications, disease conditions, nutritional deficiencies and other factors, which may be triggering anxiety symptoms.  

We'll then prescribe the appropriate remedy to reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Acute immune consultation

Three Day Dietary Analysis

Three Day Dietary Analysis


An express consultation to boost your immunity and give you symptomatic relief, when you or the kids are suffering with coughs, colds, flu, viruses, infections or gastric disturbances. 

Three Day Dietary Analysis

Three Day Dietary Analysis

Three Day Dietary Analysis


Online consultation for the time poor. The client sends an honest three day representation of all foods & liquids consumed in the allocated time frame. Once payment is received, a dietary assessment of vital macronutrient and micronutrient intake will be completed using advanced nutritional software. Suggestions will also be provided on ways to improve any identified deficiencies

Consultation packages

Three Day Dietary Analysis

Consultation packages


Family packages and multiple-consult packages are available at a reduced cost, representing a 25% saving, when you book and pay upfront. 

If you have a chronic health concern, it makes sense to purchase a discounted consultation bundle and use them throughout the year, as chronic issues are not permanently resolved, without ongoing care.

Please see the available options below.

Consultation Price List

Zip Money & Zip Pay are available onsite

HAIR 500 Biocompatibility program

Client of bioresonance hair testing

The Hair 500 Bio-Compatibility Program

By identifying  and addressing what is going on internally, we can reduce inflammation and enhance our physical, mental and emotional health. Why wait until you feel unwell?  The Hair 500 Program can be used as part of a 'wellness plan', identifying sources of inflammation, so you can remove any triggers and feel better. Combined with nutritional recommendations as part of a Wellness Plan, this is a great start to a happy, healthier you.

Find out what you might need to avoid.  We can create an individualised nutrition plan to help reduce the burden on your immune system, reduce inflammation and reactions, and restore health and balance.

Bioresonance hair testing

Why use this procedure?

It's time to create the change your body is crying out for…  

The Hair 500 Bio-Compatibility Program complements and integrates easily with any other diet therapies, medications or 'wellness plans' by simply removing foods and/ or household items that may be  causing you distress.  This allows your body to have a 'fighting chance' of repair.  

Can you imagine trying to heal with repeated exposure to an item that may be aggravating to you?  Not going to happen!  

bioresonance hair testing client

What is examined?

All that's needed is a small lock of hair.

For an additional cost, we can explore something that is not on the list below. For example, you may not be sure if you are reacting to an item in your makeup or skincare collection; simply provide a sample of the item and we can add that in for you.


 Contact us to see what is available.  

how it works

Order today!

Click on the link below to download the PDF order form. Simply purchase here, print and fill the order form and send it, along with your hair sample, to:

Leone Wilson

8/21 Fortune Street

Coomera Queensland 4209

Please email Leone, if you would like further information:


For only $247.00, we can gain a better understanding of those uncomfortable symptoms and develop your 'wellness plan'.

Once we have your results, we can organise a short naturopathic consultation to discuss the results and put an individualised  Wellness Plan in place for you!

Please note: A naturopathic consultation is not included in the purchase price. You can purchase the product on its own, however it is ideal to order one before your consultation with me so that this can be discussed and incorporated into your personal holistic treatment plan.