Naturopathy - Gold Coast and australia-wide

Naturopathy can help restore your vitality & zest for life

There is 'going through the motions' and then there is LIVING! 

Are you chronically tired, rundown, or suffering with uncomfortable symptoms? Naturopathy gets to the root of these issues to eliminate the cause, and uses herbal and nutritional medicine to support your return to wellness.  

A naturopathic perspective to good health and wellness involves the body, mind and spirit: a holistic approach. 

Our naturopathy consultations start with learning your health priorities. Leone, our naturopath, takes a detailed case history, asking many different questions about you and your body systems and bodily functions. 

The pattern of your symptoms is related to the systems which make up your body, each of which,  interconnected.  

To establish the cause of your symptoms, it is important to connect the dots of the bodily systems involved, and look at what they are telling us. 

A naturopathic assessment and treatment plan is developed, which is patient focused - unique to you, realistic and achievable. 

Your treatment plan may involve any of the following:

· dietary or nutritional advice

· lifestyle adjustments or additions

· flower essences

· herbal medicine

· nutritional supplements.

Naturopathy and conventional medicine is not an either/or proposition

It is extremely important that we take an integrated approach with mainstream medicine and consider advice from your doctor, or specialist. 

Leone will review previous test results, diagnoses and medications to ensure that your naturopathic treatment does not conflict in any way with allopathic treatment.

If there are areas which have been overlooked or that need to be investigated in more detail, then she will ask you to discuss these with your doctor with a view to further testing. 

We take into account not just your symptoms, but your total-body health - mental, emotional and physical. Medicating symptoms, without addressing their root cause, will do nothing to restore your health. It is necessary to monitor your progress to establish that the cause, and not just the symptoms, are resolving.

The body is both extremely sensitive and incredibly resilient 

By laying a good foundation for health, identifying foods that harm or heal your unique metabolism,  minimising toxin exposure, balancing work and home life, reducing stressors and implementin lifestyle modifications, your body will return to better health.. 

Prescribed nutritional supplements and herbal medicine will aid your body’s innate healing ability, allowing you to regain your vitality and purpose.

COSTS:  Initial Consultation (up to 1.5 hours duration)  $100-$130

Second Consultation (one hour) $100

Follow Up Consultations (30-45  minutes duration)  $60-$70

HICAPS available onsite


Herbal medicine is a vital component of naturopathic medicine.

Herbal medicine is a vital component of naturopathic medicine.