Let me empower you to take charge of your health

Hi, I'm Leone - naturopath, nutritionist & wellness warrior

Well done to you for taking your first steps towards a vibrant, healthful life!!

I know it can feel like a leap of faith to entrust someone new with your most precious asset - your health. Please allow me a moment to put your mind at ease ...

Naturopathy & Nutritional Medicine are effective, evidence-based healthcare professions, blending nature, tradition and science to deliver a positive, patient-centred outcome.

Effective healthcare requires a knowledgeable, highly-trained practitioner. I am proud to have achieved a Health Science degree in Naturopathy and undertaken an Honours degree in Herbal Medicine, with Endeavour College.

I am now working towards a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition, with Deakin University. I have mentored students from the Australian College of Natural Therapies and Endeavour College.

In my practise, each client is treated as an individual, acknowledging the unique combination of factors affecting their health. I specialise in designing realistic health programs to suit your individual needs. We work together to find a workable & actionable treatment plan suited to YOU


I believe it is important to empower my clients with a thorough understanding of their state of health and the knowledge to support their own wellbeing.

‘Dis-ease’ is most often a result of emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances affecting the human physiology.  It is vital to understand the root cause and treat at that level to ensure a return to HEALTH.  

Having lived with chronic illness myself, and used naturopathy & nutrition to recover, I have developed an understanding & empathy for the people I help and an unwavering belief in your potential to be well.

If you are looking for a caring, knowledgeable naturopath, I would be honoured to support you and your family on your journey to better health.


Professional association

Naturopaths and Herbalists Association badge.


Australian Natural Therapies Association Badge, for naturopaths and other complementary therapists.

I am a proud member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia and the Australian Natural Therapists Association. These associations only recognise graduates from the most comprehensive and current complementary medicine programs in Australia.

I pursue the most up-to-date knowledge in my field, regularly attending training, seminars & workshops in the areas of nutrition, herbal medicine and health science.  I also provide student mentorships for several natural health colleges.