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Naturopathic herbs and nutritional medicine



You Matter!

Reclaim YOUR vitality 

using nutrition and herbal medicine

Why see a naturopath?

Patient-Centred Care - our speciality is we deal with people, not their disease

Using herbal medicine and nutrition we give you respite from uncomfortable symptoms.  Once you have gained some relief, we provide diet and lifestyle recommendations to support your individual health needs.


Naturopaths educate & empower patients to proactively manage their own health.  We are degree-qualified health professionals supporting your journey to optimal health.

Nourish your Body, Feed your Mind, Expand your Soul

Leone Wilson, naturopath and nutritionist in Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Meet the Naturopath

Leone Wilson is a mature-age naturopath and nutritionist, living in Coomera, on Queensland's sunny Gold Coast. 

Leone has felt the power of herbal and nutritional medicine in her own life, freeing her from Hashimoto's thyroiditis - a debilitating autoimmune condition. Leone is driven to help you feel vital and energetic, so that you can live your best life. 

Leone's unrivalled knowledge and passion for health, coupled with her kind, caring nature, puts your health in excellent hands. 

Herbal Medicine - to restore health and functional wellness

Let's Nip It In The Bud!

Naturopaths are degree-qualified professionals who harness the power of food, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to heal your body from within. 

In contrast to conventional medicine, naturopathy provides relief from uncomfortable symptoms (without causing others), and creates the ideal conditions for the body to regain energy and remain healthy.  

Invest in YOUR health today, before the small things become bigger things. 

Nutritious food and nutritional medicine

Healthy, sustainable weight loss

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off for good? Metabolic Balance is an evidence-based program, using your body's unique biochemistry to tailor a fat-burning nutrition plan. 

So long fad diets, "meal replacement" shakes that wouldn't fill up a fly and diet pills, with unpleasant side effects - your personalised Metabolic Balance program will stabilise your blood sugar, ward off cravings and keep you fuller, longer, budging unnecessary inches and reducing visceral body fat (the nasty, disease-causing kind).   

Harvesting Health Natural Health Practitioner Clinic in Coomera Northern Gold Coast Queensland


Invest In Your Health Today!

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Our Services

At Harvesting Health Naturopathy, we offer a range of services, and affordable healthcare packages, including Preventative Management, to help you maintain optimal health.


Choose to see Leone, in-clinic, or from the comfort of your home, via video call.