Then Metabolic Balance Is For YOU!

 I CAN help you get rid of that spare tyre, lose fat, gain muscle and reset your metabolism for good. All without restriction or deprivation!

My clients have found this to be the BEST program for releasing excess weight and keeping it off!

Improves fatty liver, regulates thyroid function & shifts menopausal weight gain.


You will be amazed!

Satisfied clients

In Just EIGHT weeks!

Rachelle at TEN weeks

Rachelle at TEN weeks

Michelle has lost 10cms from her waist and 7kgs overall in 8 weeks.

Michelle has lost NINE KILOS  and 10CMS FROM HER WAIST! in eight weeks!

MB burns fat and retains muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so the scales can be deceiving, but waist measurements tell the real story!

Michelle  was suffering with inflammation from Hashimoto's thyroiditis & had a large goitre on her neck. 

In just FIVE weeks, her face is less puffy, her memory & cognition has improved. She has more energy & her goitre has reduced significantly

Rachelle at TEN weeks

Rachelle at TEN weeks

Rachelle at TEN weeks


Rachelle was another lady who was struggling with her thyroid.

She came to me with fatigue, weight gain and poor sleep.

After TEN weeks, she looks like a new woman!

Rachelle says 'it's the easiest thing she has ever done'.

WOW! Look at Rachelle

Rachelle at TEN weeks

WOW! Look at Rachelle

Rachelle dropped between three and four dress sizes

EIGHT weeks in and Rachelle has finally been game enough to buy clothing that is not black!

She was hiding her body in black, drab clothing and can now buy dresses at the 'skinny shop'!

Rachelle has lost THIRTEEN KILOS in TEN WEEKS.

She has dropped from a size 26 clothes to between size 18-20!

David ONE year on!

David lost a whopping 19kg in 12 weeks!

WOW! Look at Rachelle

All the puffy inflammation of David's face has now gone


On his 'Maintenance Phase', David continues to enjoy good health & has maintained his goal weight.

This is David's before Metabolic Balance photo and his one year after Metabolic Balance photo.

The beard is an optional extra!

David also found his mood lifted considerably & his daily battle with depression was no longer an issue.


David lost a whopping 19kg in 12 weeks!

David lost a whopping 19kg in 12 weeks!

David lost a whopping 19kg in 12 weeks!

Weight loss helps overall mood and health

David lost a whopping 19kgs in 12 weeks and has continued to maintain his goal weight for ONE year.

David said

 'After being on Metabolic Balance for 3 months and losing 14 kilos, I am feeling 10 years younger! I am more agile and have far more energy. I sleep better and wake up refreshed instead of waking up tired all the time. I can recommend this program, with Leone's help, for anyone else who wants to improve their life.' 

James lost 20cms from his waist!

David lost a whopping 19kg in 12 weeks!

David lost a whopping 19kg in 12 weeks!

Losing fat from the tummy is beneficial to health

James lost 17kgs in 12 weeks and 20cms off his waist!

Tummy fat is dangerous fat as it is around and infiltrates our vital organs, such as the liver.

After losing the weight, James found he had better circulation in his legs and his ankles were no longer swollen.

This meant he could get around better and could now enjoy some light exercise and continue to  improve his health!

FREE 40 Pge recipe book, 2 wks x supps & makeover!

A customised nutrition plan as unique as you are

A customised nutrition plan as unique as you are

A customised nutrition plan as unique as you are

naturopathically-prescribed pathology testing

Your health history & goals are taken into account, alongside your blood biochemistry. We look at 36 different blood values, which are used to create your personalised nutrition plan.

Maximum nutrition results in less cravings

A customised nutrition plan as unique as you are

A customised nutrition plan as unique as you are

nutritious meal, nutritional medicine

This evidence-based nutrition plan will assist with rebalancing your blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation. Your cravings become less & your energy is more!  Your dedicated Metabolic Balance Coach will work with you to reduce these cravings for good.

Ongoing coaching & support

A customised nutrition plan as unique as you are

Real, satisfying food and balanced nutrition

Leone Wilson, naturopath and nutritionist practising in Coomera, on Queensland's Gold Coast.

  A series of naturopathic consultations is included in your package. I am one of few qualified Metabolic Balance practitioners in Australia. Together, we will monitor your progress, address any potential challenges and create lasting change.

Exclusive MB facebook group membership for ongoing support

Real, satisfying food and balanced nutrition

Real, satisfying food and balanced nutrition

Real, satisfying food and balanced nutrition

Nutritious meal, nutritional medicine

Do you want to get off the food fad merry-go-round and get results from real, satisfying food? 

Metabolic Balance uses real food, in the right combination for your body, to deliver real results.

And because you're not starving yourself or buying expensive shakes and snacks, the results will be easy to maintain.

Excellent, long-lasting results

Real, satisfying food and balanced nutrition

Is Metabolic Balance right for YOU?


Resetting your metabolism stimulates the body to release excess weight.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your shape will change on Metabolic Balance. 

Is Metabolic Balance right for YOU?

Real, satisfying food and balanced nutrition

Is Metabolic Balance right for YOU?

Naturopathic client eating a nutritious meal.

Do you struggle to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

Are you gradually developing, or suffering from, metabolic diseases?

Are you confused about what to eat?

Would you love to know which foods are ideal for you?

If you're nodding along like 'uh, YES!, 

book in your free, 15-minute discovery session and learn if this program can help you to achieve your ideal weight and restore your metabolic health!

Metabolic Balance Program


Bonus introductory offer

Hair & Makeup MAKEOVER  worth $295 & $100 toward photo purchase


40-page Metabolic Balance Recipe Book

2 week supply of nutritional supplements

fb support group

FREE, when you pay for your program upfront

Award-winning program, backed by research

Metabolic Balance  is unlike anything you have tried. Using your own unique biochemistry, we tailor a personalised nutrition plan that will jumpstart fat loss and a healthy metabolism.

Combine this with one-on-one support, from your qualified naturopath and Metabolic Balance practitioner, and you will find this to be the simplest, most effective program on the market.

Metabolic Balance is about more than weight loss: the program reduces inflammation and relieves debilitating symptoms of various weight and diet-related health conditions.

An award-winning program, developed in Germany, by doctors and nutritionists, Metabolic Balance is the original and all-natural nutrition program.

A scientific trial, involving some 500 participants, showed a significant reduction in weight and improved metabolic parameters in the short-term, and maintenance of these improved health parameters for more than two years! 

The results were attributed to participants' adherence to the Metabolic Balance program for the duration of the trial. 

Participants found the program easy to adhere to over the two-year period, as it is developed in accordance with each person's unique needs.

Personalised Nutrition Plan - Unique to YOU!

No two people are exactly the same. You are so unique and your diet should be, too. 

An individualised nutritional program is developed, based on the results of various blood values, alongside your unique case history, food preferences and lifestyle.  This ensures the plan is unique to your specific blood biochemistry and easy to adhere to.  

Metabolic Balance caters to different ethnic backgrounds and can be fine tuned to conform to Kosher, Halal or ovo-lacto vegetarian diets.

At Metabolic Balance, we believe that given the correct nutrients, the body will produce the ideal balance of hormones and enzymes to achieve a healthy and balanced metabolism. A balanced diet of natural foods, individually selected to match your body chemistry, together with professional support ensures a return to optimal wellbeing.

Simply individual - you are one of a kind & so is your food plan!